Intro Into the Froth

To say I love coffee is an extreme understatement. I cannot function without it. I wake up as an evil minion and, somehow, with one sip of rich, frothy goodness, I am transformed into a sweet-smiling angel. It’s truly a wonder.

My saint of a boyfriend (christened a saint because of his ability to deal with decaffeinated, morning me on a daily basis) gave me a beautiful espresso machine for Christmas.

He included a coffee grinder, several flavored coffee syrups, and several flavored coffee beans. After one day with this gorgeously thoughtful gift, I am now left going “Starbucks what?”

I have had it less than a monFullSizeRender-3th, and it still excites me with possibilities every morning. In short, I’ve been thoroughly spoiled to perfectly personal coffee. Every cup is exactly the way I like it – not too sweet or too weak.

I have fallen so in love with making my own perfect cappuccinos and lattes at home, that I find myself in need of a place to record my favorite flavor combinations and ramble about the greatness of life in general. Perfect espresso has a way of improving ones outlook. This need to gush has led to my venture in the blog-verse.

Writing has always been an enjoyment of mine, but it has never been more than a fun hobby – so we shall see how this goes.

A little about myself: I work as a senior editor (which I absolutely adore), my job takes up a huge chunk of my time, as do my family and my amazing boyfriend. I hit the big 30 in 2014, but instead of being depressed, I have been loving every minute. I have an extreme addiction to coffee, which we covered, followed by an extreme love of wine.

Yes, hello, my name is Jaimi-Lynn and I am a wino.

My tastes in wine follow the same pattern as my tastes in coffee and chocolate: bold, rich, not too sweet…

I’m usually a Cabernet girl, but I can be found drinking a lovely Merlot or Pinot Noir. I have recently discovered the joys of a nice Malbec. If it’s red and medium to full-bodied, I’ll probably enjoy it.

On the white side of things,  I’m all for Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. I stay far away from Moscato and Zinfandel, because something that sweet should only come in a juice box. Ironically enough, Moscato is my mother’s favorite type of wine. Just imagine the back and forth sass when we have dinner together and it comes time to choose a wine.

As for Champagne.. who doesn’t love Champagne?

Most days I have a minimum of two cups of coffee and one glass of wine. In fact, I am drinking a glass of Italian red right now while I type this. Tying about wine while drinking wine… Life is Good.

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