5 Things Better Than Coffee

As another wonderful day draws to a close, I feel obligated to point out that, while coffee is a truly marvelous and much needed gift from the Lord above, there are other amazing things to be found in day to day life. There are even some things that may just be better than coffee. Gasp! What?!

I know, the thought, alone, seems ludicrous, but below is a list of five things (in no particular order) that are just as good – if not better – than a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.

  1. A new haircut or hairstyle
  2. Having one of those all night chat/giggle sessions with your best friend
  3. A cute new outfit – that you had to save up for
  4. Finally achieving a goal that you set for yourself or helping someone else achieve a goal they have been working on
  5. Having your honey look at you with pride that you are his and say, “You’re beautiful.” – This one may seem like a given, but I’ve been in a relationship where I wasn’t appreciated, so the feeling of knowing, without doubt, that my guy thinks I’m the most beautiful woman in the world (even when I’m feeling less than beautiful) and is proud to be with me is immeasurable.

Yes, a cup of coffee is perfect, fragrant, and makes you feel warm and delightful for at least an hour, but all five of these things will change your attitude, add a spark of sass to your being, and, most importantly, make you feel good about your life and yourself. And that is the most priceless thing in the universe.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Absolutely true. If I were to add anything to your list, it’d be financial security and health. I’ve been working on fixing both of them this year.

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