How Do You Carry Your Louis?

Now that we have hit the warmer peak-season months, we are flooded each weekend with what I have lovingly termed ‘the Weekenders.’ The Weekenders are made up of boat owners that visit their boats only during the weekends of the warm summer months, visitors renting out boats for the day or weekend, and guests of weekend boat parties. In short, most of the people at the marina – as live-a-boards are the minority.

I may go nuts when the extreme influx of people creates limited parking space, but, for the most part, I love the Weekenders. The people-watching alone is such gold, I am looking forward to the hotter parts of summer just to see what other forms of crazy ensues. I’m sure I’ll share some fun Weekender stories at some point, but, for this post, I just want to talk about one, small, comical interaction.

About a week ago, Andy and I were returning home from running several errands. While we were out we picked up a week’s worth of groceries and some material for a small remodel project. It’s a good walk down the dock from the parking lot to our boat (over 5 minutes), so, on shopping days, we like to pile our wares into our handy wheelbarrow and push it down the dock instead of trying to carry everything.

Not giving it a thought, that’s exactly what we did on this day as we stacked our groceries, material, and the newly filled propane tank into the wheelbarrow and started the long journey down the dock. I tossed my purse onto the heap, like I’ve done a hundred times, and casually sipped my water as I walked along beside Andy.

We paused to let a group of Weekenders pass us, and went wide-eyed when one of them, a pretty blond in short shorts and a tank, stopped to point at our wheelbarrow and exclaim:


“A Louis Vuitton in a wheelbarrow! Now, that is my favorite!”

I looked down at the wheelbarrow like I was seeing it for the first time, and had to admit that the juxtaposition of an expensive handbag piled into a yellow work wheelbarrow with a propane tank and a ton of groceries was pretty hilarious. We laughed along with her and continued chuckling as we rolled the rest of the way to the boat.


Andy and I giggled harder as we talked over all the places my Louis Vuitton had been since the beginning of the remodel. We have visited Home Depot so often in the last few months, I have gotten into the habit of letting my Louis ride on the material cart along with the material. I’ve also taken to hanging my bag on the ship’s wheel while on the boat so that it’s out of the way. It’s also been set on top of the refrigerator, perched on top of Andy’s tools, and hung off a nail in the wall – all of which I’m sure looked ridiculous, but seemed perfectly reasonable in the moment.

Before unloading the wheelbarrow, I made sure to snap a few pictures just to remind myself not to get so accustomed to everything around me that I forget to see the beauty in it – or the humor. Side note: while flipping through my photos later that day I realized that I apparently carry most of my favorite possessions in that wheelbarrow – just ask Gigi.


Do you have a Louis Vuitton in a wheelbarrow story? Have you gotten so used to doing something one way that you’ve forgotten how hilarious it can look to everyone around you? I’d love to hear everyone else’s funny stories – I know I can’t be the only one!

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