Adjust the Sails

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

This quote has been accredited to everyone from Thomas S. Monson to Dolly Parton, but, whoever said it first, the sentiment behind the words is overwhelmingly true. We cannot control the large events in life – life will continuously toss things our way – but it is up to us and our individual testament of character to make the most out of each day we are given.

We could not direct the winds of Hurricane Harvey, but Andy and I have decided to adjust our sails and move back to Beaumont. Andy made the official move back to our hometown this week and has begun the journey of restarting his business. With so many flooded homes, Southeast Texas is in need of a contractor that will give quality work at a fair price – especially when reports of extreme price gouging are already circling. Sidebar: it is seriously sickening to me that some people have taken this opportunity to make a quick buck instead of keeping prices reasonable.

While Andy gets things going in Beaumont, I will wrap things up in Austin. Living on the boat alone this week has been so incredibly strange. I haven’t lived alone in three years and, where I once treasured the silence, I now find myself drifting around looking for something to do. It has been surreal to not have a huge meal to cook each night and to not have someone tease me for wanting to watch MasterChef or the Bachelorette. I’m over it already!

Truthfully, I was hesitant for this move. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time on Lake Travis and our houseboat has been good to us – but after less than a week without my other half, I am ready to turn the page on this chapter. Andy seems so hopeful and excited about where this next voyage will lead and, most importantly, he is thrilled to be close to friends and family again so he can help rebuild. His excitement is infectious and, I have to admit, I am also excited to be closer to friends and family again.

I’m driving down to Beaumont this weekend to visit my love and to make a decision on our future living situation. Maybe we will ship the houseboat to Southeast Texas and have the best of both worlds? Or, maybe we will just sell the boat and buy an RV to travel around in?

Whatever we decide, I am looking forward to whatever life hands us – and I am completely positive that Andy and I can turn anything into an adventure!

Wish us luck – and, if you are in Beaumont, we will see you soon!

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