This weekend we officially left Austin and made the move back to Beaumont – marking the beginning of many changes and many goodbyes.

First, I said goodbye to a wonderful company full of amazing co-workers. For the last year I have been lucky to be part of a company that boasts a lovely family atmosphere, and monthly cake and Prosecco socials. Going to work every day was a joy and I know exactly what a blessing that is.  My co-workers became my friends and not seeing and talking to them every day is going to be incredibly difficult.

20171103_125527On my last day, a group of my closest co-workers threw me a going away party with cupcakes, my favorite lemonade, cookies, and many sweet well-wishes and gifts. I drove away that Friday and, as I thought about how I wouldn’t be back on Monday, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I’m sure a few passerby drivers wondered what the Hell was wrong with me (if they bothered to look over at the girl sobbing in the next car), but I couldn’t help it. It was a sad day.

Next, and unfortunately on the same day, I had to say goodbye to my houseboat. Already emotionally weakened from leaving a job I enjoyed, this goodbye hit me exceptionally hard. I knew the boat would show to a few potentially interested buyers over the weekend, so I drove out to get it “show ready” and to take a final glance around while it was still just mine.

I added the final pillows I finished sewing to the couch – yes, I finished sewing the couch – and did a final walk through. We did a thorough cleaning just the week before and everything was moved out, so the visit was more to add the pillows and say goodbye than anything else. To my embarrassment, I started bawling while I glanced around my empty home. I was so busy crying, I forgot to take a photo of the finished couch – I was just a mess. I stopped blubbering long enough to walk down the dock towards my car, but the view of the lake was so beautiful, and given this would no longer be my view every day, I started crying again before I made it to the car.

I wanted to stop at my favorite coffee shop since I would no longer have access to it once I moved, but I was in too sad a state to stop without embarrassing myself further, so Jonesy (who thankfully came with me) just kept driving and made a few ridiculous jokes until I cracked a smile.

Finally, it was time for me to say goodbye to Austin. To save my sanity, I waited until Sunday morning to do this, opting to go to the Renaissance Festival with friends on Saturday. Since Andy was already in Beaumont, I just had to load up Gigi, and my few remaining belongings, and make the drive out like I would on any other weekend.

I like to consider myself a tough person – I can handle most things – but leaving Austin and the life I’ve had there, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. To my credit, I didn’t cry the entire way, but I did cry, and I was emotionally drained once I got here.

It’s been two days and I feel more optimistic each day. Our reasons for moving, though sad, are valid, and Andy is doing his best to make sure I am comfortable. Added to that, we have plans… and our plans are always interesting. I may be caught in the tangle of transition right now, but I am confident that Andy and I can handle any adventure that comes our way – and this is just one more of Life’s crazy adventures.

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