Third Time’s the Charm

This isn’t my first blog – this is lucky number three. I started my first blog, titled Espresso Up & Wine Down, after my boyfriend (now husband) built me a gorgeous espresso/wine bar for Valentine’s Day. He owns his own custom cabinet and furniture business and does beautiful wood working, so the bar was completely custom and perfect for the space we had at the time.

10942339_1537975109806442_2091976478656687070_oHe also gifted me with an espresso machine and several flavored syrups. I’m a coffee fanatic – I can’t start my day without at least one cup – and he thought I would enjoy trying my hand at creating my own flavored cappuccinos and lattes. He was so right! I became slightly obsessed with flavor combinations and the perfect way to froth the milk. I started waking up earlier in the morning just so we could start our days with specialty blended lattes (with freshly ground espresso) each day before work.

Likewise, wine has always been a passion of mine and, at the time, I was a member of a wine club and received monthly shipments of new wines to try.

It seemed natural that when I finally decided to try writing a blog – something I’ve always wanted to do – that I would center the topic around coffee and wine (my two favorite obsessions at the time.)

It went well for a while, but it wasn’t sustainable. I had narrowed the topic margin down too far. How many things could I find coffee and wine related to write about? I enjoyed both but I was an expert in neither. So, after I quit my job and life started shuffling around – as it is prone to do, I let the coffee and wine blog fall by the wayside.


My second blog, titled A Splash of Adventure, went a bit further. I started it when we moved aboard a houseboat on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. I loved that boat and it provided an endless source of material for a blog that was truly fun to write. After Hurricane Harvey hit, we decided to sell our boat and move back to Beaumont to launch into a busy year of repair and remodels. Granted, I should have kept the blog going – we had several adventures since moving back to Beaumont – but we were swamped with work and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to keep the same fun, light-hearted tone that I enjoyed about that blog.

I’m preparing this third attempt to have, not only the broader topic margin that the first blog lacked, but to have the ability to grow: in event, location, and tone – as one thing has been learned about my life so far, it is ever changing and unpredictable. I have, for those curious, archived all posts from my first two blogs for ease of access. They may not have gone the distance, but, as with everything else in my world, both were done “The Jaimi Way”.

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