Daily Harvest: Latte Attempt

IMG_1608Being a coffee fanatic, I was ecstatic to see that Daily Harvest had healthy latte options. I don’t usually go for overly sweet coffees so I was convinced, of all the things Daily Harvest had to try, I would probably enjoy the lattes the most. The first latte flavor I chose to taste was named Coffee and Cardamom. The lattes come with three pods (servings) per cup, so I have three chances per each latte flavor to “get it right.”

IMG_1603I was in the mood for a hot latte, so that’s the preparation style I went with – plus a coffee and cardamom flavor profile sounds like it would be most delicious hot. Preparing it was easy and it smelled lovely. I caught hints of cinnamon and cardamom in the scent and I, unlike my first two Daily Harvest tastings, could not wait to try it! It looked good, it smelled good, and I was fully prepared for this latte to BE good!

Unfortunately, unlike my first two Daily Harvest tastings, I was surprised in a negative way. I did not like the flavor of this latte – at all! It’s not completely horrible, its just not to my liking. The flavors seem overwhelmingly blah to me… really overwhelmingly blah. I threw it out after just a few sips. I’m going to try it in the cold “frappe” preparation the next go round – and maybe add more cinnamon. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, right?

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