Things have been ridiculously wild and busy since my last post – which, I admit, was some time ago. March 1, yikes! I’m sorry! I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a lovely Easter!

A quick recap: I moved back to Austin, stopped working from home – I now work full time in-office, AND my sweetheart husband and I went on a 10-day long honeymoon to London, Scotland, and Ireland!

All these things – from packing up our home and moving 5 hours away, to setting up a new house, to getting re-accustomed to working in an office, to packing and going on an international trip – was done in quick succession with little to no rest time in between. I can promise that the quick turnaround for all these events is due to my husband’s positive, get it done, attitude. If left up to me, we would have stretched the move, my return to the office, and the honeymoon across several months instead of within a month and a half. Still, it’s hard to complain, as we approach the summer with our new home set up, my foothold in the office firmly in place – just in time for the huge summer project to kick off, and perfect memories of our honeymoon swimming beautifully around my mind.

I will FOR SURE feature more than one post on our trip, but, for now, I have to say that Scotland and Ireland are breathtakingly beautiful! We – no exaggeration – took nearly 4000 photos. We are slowly going through and narrowing them down to choose which to print and which to post online. The decisions are difficult because my husband is apparently a MASTER amateur photographer. He seriously took some amazing pictures!

In other news, I must confess that I have NOT kept to my diet. I honestly don’t know how I could have with the Irish stew, fish and chips, Guinness, inconsistent hours, and my horrible self-control all creating a perfect storm of dieting disaster. I had to live without a stove for at least a week during the move! Things are back on track now and I have re-assumed my healthy living choices with full force. I promise!

Stay tuned for all the stories I’ve accumulated over the last month – and some glimpses of those amazing pictures! They are definitely something to see! And I promise not to wait another month to post them. In fact, see the feature imagine for a little sneak peek. 🙂

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Copeland says:

    Beautiful photo! Can’t wait to see the rest.

    1. Jaimi-Lynn says:

      Thank you lady!! Such a beautiful place ❤️

  2. Jackie says:

    That’s such a gorgeous photo! Glad you guys had a lovely time on your honeymoon!!

    1. Jaimi-Lynn says:

      Thank you bestie! We had a wonderful time ♥️

  3. Patti says:

    Gorgeous picture, JL. Glad to see you back here sharing your life with us.

    1. Jaimi-Lynn says:

      Aww thanks Patti! Sorry it took so long! ❤️

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