Whole 30: Week 1

Today I began Week 2 of Whole30. Week 1 went smoother than expected. As predicted, my largest struggle was dealing with drinking my coffee black. On Day 1, I made my usual Starbucks coffee pod in the Keurig and, not being able to add creamer, I drank half of it down black with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. I could handle the flavor of it, but the acidity burned my stomach. I ended the day on the decision to switch to tea. After all, I had several perfectly delightful flavors of black tea.

The Whole30 website lists a calendar that outlines the various stages you may hit during the Whole30 program. Week 1 is marked by the “What Have I Done/Hangover” stage, quickly followed by the “Kill All the Things” stage. By the end of the week, the “I Just Want a Nap” stage roars to life. After Day 2, I skipped over all the stages and landed straight in the middle of wanting a nap. Towards the end of the week, I was fiendishly researching ways to incorporate the beautiful world of coffee back into my life.

If you look even slightly back into my Espresso Up & Wine Down blog, it becomes insanely obvious that I am a coffee fanatic. I was not going to make a month without coffee. After all my research, the solution was laughably simple. I came across a few posts on how grinding your own coffee beans each morning makes drinking it black, not just palatable, but pleasurable.

I could have smacked myself. There was a time when I would grind my own coffee beans every morning and froth my own lattes. When we moved, I packed up my espresso machine and grinder and, once we settled again, we got so busy I never unpacked them. It’s been over a year since I’ve packed my grinder away, and here it was about to save my sanity.

I bought nice quality coffee beans and cleaned up my grinder, ready to give this solution a try. It worked like a dream! I ended the week feeling happier, steadier, and completely confident that I could handle this the full month.

Honestly, the food part has been fantastic. I am loving the quality of the food I am preparing and the way it is making me feel. If that part keeps up, I may be continuing this longer than the scheduled month.

However, this week I will supposedly hit the “Hardest Days” and the “I Dream of Junk Food” stages, so we shall see. At least I have my coffee.

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