Whole 30: Week 2

Today I began Week 3 of Whole30. I expected to hit the “Hardest Days” and the “I Dream of Junk Food” stages this week – and I did! I have been dreaming of cheesy pepperoni pizza ALL WEEK! Seriously, all week. Cheesy pepperoni pizza and a gin martini. Not necessary together, but then, I wouldn’t mind having them at the same time either.

I also had a really weird dream about mixing ice cream with candy bars…

Other than that, the week went smoothly. I went into the weekend thinking I would completely bypass the “hardest days” stage all together.

And then the weekend came.

This past weekend was Father’s Day – and with Father’s Day came several family barbecues. Family barbecues with their homemade pies, chocolate cakes, and deliciously non-Whole30-compliant side dishes. I had to forgo the baked beans, the cheesy potatoes, the garlic rolls… oh the rolls! The cake almost got me. My usually sweet and supportive husband even ate my favorite flavor of ice cream on top of homemade chocolate cake while sitting right beside me!

It was, without a doubt, the hardest days. I persevered and made it through though – sticking to the Whole30 diet. I’d say I’m proud I held strong, but just being around that much food left me with an overindulgent feeling.

I am happy to report that I am feeling amazing and sleeping better than ever! This week marks the beginning of “Tiger Blood” according to the calendar – which I’ve been assured is a good thing. Tiger Blood, according to the website, means different things to different people. Some people feel like a superhero, unstoppable, and some people rally in just having consistent, clean energy throughout the day. I am looking forward tremendously to finding out what Tiger Blood ends up meaning to me. As it stands, I am already enjoying more consistent energy and a general better mood throughout the day.

Halfway there – halfway to go!

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