Whole 30: Week 4

Today marks the last day of my Whole30 run and tomorrow begins the Reintroduction Phase!

I am as nervous as I am excited about reintroductions. I want to complete the experiment and determine how my body will react with the various foods I have been avoiding for the last month, but I also don’t want to reintroduce anything that will throw off my progress. I lost 10 pounds during this last month – YEA! – and I am determined to keep up the momentum. I’ve added in exercise now that I have the energy for it – my elliptical is kicking my butt! I am feeling healthy and, finally, on the right track.

I have been searching for a diet, program, or pill to help with weight management since I hit my thirties. Being on Whole30 has completely reshaped my attitude and relationship with food. It is amazing what changing the types of food you put into your body can do! I am having fewer migraines, enjoying higher energy and better skin… and at this point, my cravings are few and far between. As curious and excited as I am about the reintroduction phase, I am crossing all of my fingers that it doesn’t tempt the Cravings Dragon back out. She’s a bitch to deal with.

I start with reintroducing legumes (yea – peanut butter!) back into my diet tomorrow and I, honestly, don’t predict anything crazy happening there. However, Whole30 has also taught me to not make assumptions because you just never know – and to celebrate the small victories. Today I’m celebrating 10 pounds gone and a healthy, sustainable plan for 10 more to go.

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