All Caught Up

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but, don’t be offended, I have abandoned more than just my blog posting this last month – I have also slid off my diet. Like, slid way off. Slid so far off, I landed on a chocolate covered cupcake. But, just like I’ve picked this blog up and dusted it off, I have also jumped back into my diet full force. Sure, I love cupcakes, but I honestly FEEL so much better when I’m eating healthier. Just a week or so off eating healthy and I feel bloated and miserable. I can’t live that life!!

20190827_093139Since getting back on track with my eating, I have lost more weight and I am currently only 10 pounds away from my goal weight! Woo! I am also finding new and exciting ways to crush those craving demons. Ice cream, as it turns out, is my gateway to Hell. I tell myself I’ll just have a little taste, but guys, it’s NEVER just a little taste. I black out and, next thing you know, I’m half a pint in and my stomach wants to kill me. To combat this, I’m working on a variety of dairy free, low/natural sugar, homemade ice cream options to have when the cravings strike.

I did indulge in a Starbucks PSL because I’m a basic white bitca and its officially Fall, but I could only finish half of it, and it spurred my decision to break down and finally replace my espresso machine. I used to LOVE making my own espresso drinks, but an espresso machine – especially a decent one – is an investment, so I wavered. But, decision made, I now have a glorious new machine and I’ve been working on creating healthier versions of the lattes I hold most dear to my soul. Yes, I’ve already made one with Pumpkin Spice and, just this morning, I made one with dark chocolate cocoa powder. I haven’t quite got my froth to perfection yet – I’m using almond milk instead of regular milk AND I’m out of practice – but, it’s giving me something to strive for and I’m having a blast in the meantime.

20190919_081637Other than being extra busy at work, I haven’t been up to too much else. I have recently discovered a love for farmer’s markets. I went to the local farmer’s market in my town last weekend and it was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! There was food and a bar… and a ton of wonderful items to purchase! I got yummy smelling candles, fresh veggies, and coffee beans… I’m already trying to talk my husband into going with me this weekend.

One of my best friends is getting married, so I am also enjoying Pinterest co-planning and searching through gorgeous wedding gowns for her. I may be living a touch vicariously through her when it comes to the wedding gowns – I love wedding dress shopping and it was the highlight of my wedding planning experience. I would try on wedding gowns on a monthly basis if I could, but it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime things. Seriously, why can’t we have winter formal events where it’s appropriate to wear a wedding dress? It would be fun and would give women who never want to get married the chance to wear a gorgeous wedding gown. Think about it!

So, you are all caught up. I’ll try not to get so busy I let a month go by without a single post. Also, as God is my witness, I will finish telling you about my Honeymoon before my one-year wedding anniversary in December!

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