17 Weeks and Counting

Well guys, it is the end of April and this pandemic crisis continues. I hope everyone is being safe and staying home as much as possible.

I am now 17 weeks into my pregnancy and, when I am not wearing yoga pants, I am wearing maternity clothes full time. Yea baby bump! Purchasing maternity clothes was an interesting event without being able to visit stores to try the clothes on before buying. However, thanks to all the online pandemic sales, I was able to rack up a wardrobe at a fraction of what it would have cost during normal times. Thank goodness for small favors, right?

We are doing surprisingly well during this new normal. I am still working from home (and enjoying it) while my husband is keeping busy with the business.

We weren’t able to visit family for Easter or my daddy’s birthday – which was a bit heartbreaking – and we had to get creative on sharing our baby’s gender since the gender reveal party I wanted was out of the question.

So, I must take this moment to brag. My husband outdid himself on the reveal – even if it was just the two of us. He built a wooden box and had me break it open with a hammer! The inside was FULL of pink glitter (that’s right – it’s a GIRL!) and, when the box cracked open, the glitter fell out all over the back porch. It was such a blast! We taped the entire thing and sent the video off to family so that they could have a part in the fun.

Since then, he has been teasing me about how I’m about to reap all the sass I’ve given over my lifetime by having to deal with a smaller version of myself. The Lord does have his ways.

I had my first true ultrasound at the beginning of this month and, unfortunately, Andy was not allowed to go with me. I got to see her be stubborn for the camera, cut flips, and wave her arms – and, as much as I enjoyed every minute of it, I hated that my husband had to miss out due to this quarantine. I understand why he couldn’t go, and I appreciate the doctor taking precautions to keep patients safe, but I still hate that he had to miss it.

I have my next ultrasound at the beginning of May and I am crossing ALL my fingers that he will be able to attend. I can’t help but worry, with things still so uncertain, what all he might have to miss out on. I’m even more worried, with stories circulating on how some hospitals won’t even allow spouses in the delivery room, if I’ll have to deliver my first (and likely only) child alone in October – or if I’ll be forced to choose if my husband or my mother will be allowed in.

We are taking everything one day and one event at a time and praying that this mess will be resolved by May. Hell, I’m even staying optimistic enough to believe that things will be clear enough for us to visit our parents for Mother’s Day and to have a baby shower in July.

On to more positive topics. My cravings do not include at all the foods that I usually enjoy eating. In fact, my tastes are falling more in line with my husband’s favorite meals. Taco Bell… mac and cheese… it’s ridiculous! I haven’t eaten an apple in weeks! And why didn’t anyone tell me that getting comfortable enough to sleep was a challenge the bigger you grow? Thank goodness my pregnancy pillow will be here this afternoon.

Overall, I am enjoying being pregnant and wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world. And at least I will have something interesting to tell our daughter when she asks what was going on in the world the year she was born.

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