Chasing Dreams

It‘s amazing how reading a good book makes you want to write –  or maybe that’s just the effect it has on me. Ive always loved writing and have wished my entire life to do only that. But, life has a way of moving by so quickly that if you don’t take what you want in the moment, years will blink by before you realize you have missed the opportunity.

 I still feel like I did as a teenager, and, again, in my twenties. It is a disheartening wonder to think that I am now closer to my forties than my twenties, and still haven’t published the book I’ve dreamt about. I still feel that fire for it, that want of a dream – and I still feel like I have the time to get it done. But, the truth is, life flies at a neck-breaking speed. I have responsibilities that keep me busy during the day. I have a family, a daughter, a full time job, a house to clean, and dinner to make. All true, but these things read like tired excuses when I can find time to scroll Facebook, but not time for writing. I take so much joy in my family and my life, but it is all too easy to get wrapped up in my day to day and then realize a week or more has gone by without writing a paragraph.

I know, and have had many people tell me over the years, that writing is a job. You have to schedule and set aside time to get it done. You have to make it a priority, a habit, and write every day – even when you aren’t in the mood for it and the writing that ends up on paper is a complete ramble. I have been given this advice so many times and, still, I am only now, as a 36 year old adult, realizing the truth in it. I guess I am a stubborn woman. 

So I make this promise to myself – and I am putting it out in the universe to hold me accountable – that I will schedule at least an hour for it every day. I have more of a driving force to accomplish my dreams now. I want, need, to show my daughter that she can do and accomplish anything she puts her mind to. I want her to have an example that dreams are possible with hard enough work. Her daddy lives that example every day. His dream was to own his own business and he works tirelessly at making it a success. It’s time her mama stepped up to do the same. Chasing dreams require the chase, after all. 

The insanity of 2020 has taught us all the reality that everything in life can change on a turn, so what is there to lose? What is the worse that could happen? No one will read my blog? My novel won’t be published? Nothing different than what I am currently  living. At least if I fail, I can say I gave it an honest try. Time to put in the effort, the training, the blood and the sweat. If it were an easy task, it would be called a stroll instead of a chase. 

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