For the Love of Coffee

This may be a shock to some of you, but I love coffee. Like, REALLY love coffee. It’s a delightful, exhilarating elixir that turns me from a grumpy, exhausted demon to a vibrant, peppy angel.

Coffee has its dark side though. The more you have, the more you need. There was a time when I could get through my day with just the one cup of coffee. These days, I average at least three cups minimum to survive. I’m on my second cup as I write this and it’s only 10:30am.

Granted, I am running on less sleep these days. Thank you, Keira. But, even before she was born, I needed more than one cup of coffee.

Good thing I have several ways to get my fix.

It is a constant source of ridicule, but my home boasts not one, but SIX ways to have coffee.

  1. The tried-and-true drip coffee maker: Truthfully, the drip is for my husband, who likes to keep things simple. I rarely drink coffee made this way.
  2. The richer (and better) French Press: My go-to. The French Press produces rich, glorious coffee that I wake up longing for.
  3. The way-more-decadent Breville Espresso machine: My pride and joy. Seriously, its sensational! But I rarely have time during the week to go through the ritual of creating a latte so lovely, those stuck with Starbucks would weep.
  4. The (still decadent), but much-less-time-consuming Nespresso machine: For when I want a faster, but still lovely, latte during the week. This is the method I chose for this Monday morning.
  5. The delicious but doesn’t-produce-enough-for-the-trouble AeroPress: I was so excited to try one of these, but the product is so close to what I get from my French Press – and my French Press produces so much MORE of it – that this adorable little contraption rarely sees the outside of the cupboard.
  6. Iced: Iced coffee doesn’t need a cute line – it’s perfect for the summertime. When I have iced coffee, there is no counting cups. I just fill my Yeti and sip all day, refilling when it hits less than halfway full.

You know, reading this over, I may have a slight problem, but it could be sex, drugs, and rock-in-roll, right?


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  1. Darla Holley says:

    Bwahaha! You MAY have a problem? That’s one way to ease into admission. Great piece. It made me smile, as I read it I was watching your day unfold. 🥰

    Darla M Holley


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