Crawling Adventures

Keira is officially mobile! She is such a busy (and curious) little lady, crawling all over the house and, of course, getting into EVERYTHING! She especially enjoys getting into things she knows she shouldn’t.

To date, she has discovered outlets, AC filters, power cords, the Rumba, my bookshelf… the list goes on. She delights in chasing poor Gigi around the house and has realized that the books on my bookshelf can be pulled off and thrown on the floor. At least the first book she pulled was Shakespeare. I took that as a sign that she wanted me to read her a few sonnets. She lost interest in that and moved on to other explorations. Her current obsession is Gigi’s water bowl. Her weird little self just likes to lie there and splash in it.

Andy and I are scrambling to baby proof the house as quickly as possible. We honestly thought that we had more time. New parent fail. We now have all the sockets plugged and the power cords tucked away. This isn’t slowing little miss down though. As soon as one thing is out of her grasp, she finds another curiosity. It’s clear that we have our hands full. I love it though – she keeps me on my toes and keeps life interesting.

I feel like, at least for the moment, I’m winning. We purchased a play pen that I am using as her containment center during the workday. This way I can work without fear of her climbing under my desk, or down the hall to the stairs, or wherever else she thinks to explore.

Even as I write this, she is in her containment center. She is currently enjoying it, but I know the day will come (probably soon) when she gets bored with it or decides it is just too small to hold her. I expected parenthood to be an adventure, but Keira has a way of blowing away all my expectations. Wish me luck!

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