Why is My Baby Crying?


The Wonder Weeks is an amazing, useful app for parents. Each time Keira seems fussier than usual, I can go on the app and see if she is in the middle of a developmental leap. I am constantly impressed to note that the app is spot on and that her fussiness is, more often than not, contributed to a leap.

This week my daughter has been exceptionally fussy, cranking, and clingy. She cries when I walk out of the room, cries when I’m not actively looking at her, cries when she drops one of her toys, cries when I change her diaper, cries for seemingly no reason at all. Yes, it has been a challenge.

During a particularly grueling day of non-stop screaming, I checked the app to see if she was in a leap. She isn’t… but… she is in the middle of a “red alert” phase known as the Three C’s. The Three C’s stands for Crying, Crankiness, and Clinginess. Spot on! This phase happens around weeks 29 and 30, when baby is in the process of discovering relationships and distance – and is realizing that her parents can walk away and leaver her behind. She’s experiencing her first bouts of separation anxiety.

Not only is this information incredibly interesting, but it also helps me have a little patience and grace on those days when I just want to throw myself on the floor and start crying with her.


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