Never Too Late

Well, its official! I am back in school!

I started my journey in getting my degree in 2007, then life (in the form of a hurricane) happened, and I stopped to move to Galveston for work. Years later, I decided to try again. I got further along and then BOOM, life happened again. By this point, I had enough life and job experience that a degree wouldn’t be beneficial. In fact, considering the time and money it would take to complete the degree, continuing with earning my bachelor’s would be detrimental to my life plan.

This is still the case. I am secure in my job and a degree wouldn’t boost my position. However, it has always been a point of personal disappointment that I never finished. Anytime I think about not having my degree, I feel shame and irritation – even anger – that I let life get in the way of achieving my goal.

Even though my daughter is only seven months old (almost), I tell her everyday that she can do anything she puts her mind too. I already tell her not to let anything get in the way of accomplishing her dreams. I tell her that, so shouldn’t I follow my own advice? Shouldn’t I give her a solid example?

So, I did what I do best – I researched. And, during my research, I discovered that I am only a few classes away from earning an Associate’s in Creative Writing. Initially, when I first started the college adventure, the goal was to finish with a Bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Now that I am an adult and the degree isn’t needed to kickstart my career path, I had to check in with myself. Was the time and money it would take to complete the Bachelor’s worth it? Would I be satisfied with only having an Associate’s degree?

After some self-reflection, the answer I came up with was YES! I would feel completely satisfied and proud to be able to say that I have earned an Associate’s in Creative Writing. I would be proud to finally have the life goal of earning a degree accomplished. I would feel less guilty about the time and money that would go into completing my Associate’s. In fact, after I thought it through, I could find no flaws with earning an Associate’s over a Bachelor’s.

Having finally come to this decision, I got excited. I got so excited that I immediately applied, got accepted, and registered for classes. Classes begin on June 1 and I am completely giddy about it! If I stay on plan, I will graduate and FINALLY have a degree by the end of next year. After 15 years, I will have finally accomplished my goal.


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