A 2-Part Mother’s Day

My first official Mother’s Day! And it was a lovely one. 

Part 1 

For actual Mother’s Day weekend, we went to Beaumont to visit our moms. Well, mostly to visit Andy’s mom since we see mine once a week. 

The trip was fantastic! Keira was great on the drive – unlike the last time we made the 5-hour journey. And even though we agreed that we would focus on our moms that weekend and celebrate my Mother’s Day the following weekend, I still felt incredibly loved and blessed.  

I got so many sweet, and appreciated, Mother’s Day messages. My daddy and mom sent me flowers, my best friend sent me gin, and my sweet co-workers sent me a goody pack of lavender spa treatments.

We had a family dinner, complete with cake, and it was so adorable to watch Nana and little Keira together. It meant as much to Andy and me as it did to her for her to have some bonding time with her granddaughter. 

It was a beautiful weekend and, if that was all I got for Mother’s Day, I would have been more than satisfied. But… my sweetheart husband wanted me to have an extra special first Mother’s Day. Which brings me to… 

Part 2 

Last weekend we celebrated my Mother’s Day. It was a simple, but perfect weekend. Saturday, we visited friends, and Sunday, I got to sleep in, get an hour-long soak in the bath, AND get an afternoon nap. More importantly, we spent the entire day together.  An entire day of relaxed family time. I absolutely loved it! I got to see Andy and Keira play guitar together and I got to watch Keira work on pulling up and standing. She’s getting so big so quickly and I cherish every minute I get to spend with her. I know, in a blink, she will be too big to want cuddles from mama or to want to spend the whole day with her parents. 


Added to the two lovely weekends, my angel of a husband is paying for me to get my hair done today. I feel spoiled with all the “me” time and well wishes! I hope every mama, every woman, every person had as wonderful a Mother’s Day as I did.

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