Milestone Weekend

Keira and I both hit a milestone over the weekend! 

I completed the last workout in the second chapter of my workout program. The third, and final, chapter began this week. In just two weeks, I will have finished a full work out program, for the first time – Ever. Woo! 

And my beautiful, brilliant Keira, has learned to stand up all on her own! Saturday morning, I walked into her bedroom to find her full on standing up in her crib! She and I were both glowing with pride.  

I’ll spare you the video, but I am consistently mesmerized by how grown up she is becoming, and so quickly! 

She already has a tiny tooth – that she loves to bite me with – and her favorite time of the day is having dinner at the table with mama and daddy. She insists, to my delight, in feeding herself. It’s a messy, but thrilling, event every night and, I just know, that I will look back and miss these days so very much. It’s all going by at full speed in a blur of hectic days and exhausted nights.  I am absolutely loving every minute.  

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