Keira is ONE!

I don’t know how… or when… but my baby is now ONE!! Seriously, didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital? She is stunning, and brilliant, and I may be just a tad proud of her.

At age one she is now walking, running, eating all the solids (she is so over formula) and developing her own opinions and interests. She loves Sophia the First, music, dancing, any toy that makes noise, reading books, and eating pineapple. And she has such a fun, bold, sassy personality!

Given the recent sadness, we wanted to make her birthday extra special, so our princess had 3 – yes, THREE – birthday parties. In retrospect, we may have gone a bit overboard.

Party 1: A unicorn breakfast bash at her Paw-Paw’s house. We made funfetti pancakes – with all kinds of toppings and sprinkles available – and cheesy eggs. So cute!

Party 2: A traditional unicorn birthday party at her Pop’s house later that same Saturday. My dad cooked chicken and dumplings and we had a huge unicorn cake, a smash cake, and lots of fun.

For parties 1 and 2, I also made 30 candy apples to give away as party favors. Yes, I am EXTRA, but I had a blast making them. Maybe I am that mom.

Party 3: Happened on her actual birthday – which was on a Wednesday. We had a few friends over after work and had nachos and another yummy cake.

She is still too young to understand exactly what is going on, but she did realize that she was in the center of attention, got gifts and yummy food, and got to see friends and family – so, she enjoyed herself. And I am already planning ideas for birthday #2!

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