From Whole 30 to Paleo

After successfully completing (the majority of) a month of Whole 30, I ended January feeling healthier and better than I had in months. So, naturally, I celebrated by having, what I excitedly called, a cheat weekend. I had a cheeseburger and Girl Scout cookies for dinner Friday night, and by mid-day Saturday, I was over the sugar. I felt sluggish, headachy, and just generally blah. As much as I missed chocolate and cheese, I did not miss the headaches or the bloating. Too much info? Oh well, it’s true.

I missed bread as well and, since bread in limitation doesn’t treat me as cruelly as dairy, I had a few pieces of a rosemary sourdough loaf Sunday to finalize my cheat weekend. Still, no flavors are worth feeling horrible over, so I am beginning February by starting on the Paleo diet. It’s like Whole 30 but more sustainable since natural sugars are allowed. This means I can make creatively healthy desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth without getting slammed with a sugary hangover. I’ve filled my Pinterest board with just such recipes and I cannot wait to get started.

I’m looking forward to this next stage of my health journey and hope to roll this Paleo diet month into a Paleo eating lifestyle. Wish me luck! Also, I have more updates on the current wild warehouse adventure coming soon!

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