Month Two

It’s hard to believe that it has been a full two months since we moved into the warehouse to begin renovations. Most days it feels like we have been here longer, which is a testament to how much progress we have made. The shop is up and running, we have completed renovating and moving into the office, and I have plans on how I want to tackle the yard come Spring. Garden, flowers, and a firepit – oh my! Most importantly – and trust me, I did not realize exactly how importantly until we went without it – we are able to get packages and mail at our home now! Amazon, my old friend, how I’ve missed you. We are slowly becoming more comfortable and establishing a routine in our new town.

We have taken to having brunch every other weekend, and last Friday, we attended a crawfish boil where we got to meet more people from town. It’s been an adventure for sure!

Added to the hustle of getting the new shop ready, Keira is growing faster than I anticipated. She is talking more, developing her own sassy personality, and has four more teeth than she did when I last posted. Her and Gigi have enjoyed having so much space to run around in and they both love the trips to the park across the street and the family dinner nights at the restaurant next door.

It finally feels like things are starting to come together, and if Keira can go five minutes without making a huge mess in our room, I’ll snag some pictures of our cute little living quarters.

Oh, and side note, I have perfected the lavender latte! It’s my current obsession and just proves that, even while living in a warehouse, I still have the ability to be extra and bougie.       

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  1. Joyce Cain says:

    The crawfish that you’re holding Jaimi-Lynn Flippin huge Hey I tried to call you I miss y’all I can’t wait to see ya

    1. Jaimi-Lynn says:

      They were so good!!! We miss you too

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