Bring on Spring

Since Summer and Winter are playing tug-a-war with Texas this week, I am choosing to focus on plans for the upcoming Spring. When warmer weather prevails, I plan to take advantage of having an ENTIRE yard to play in! I’ve only ever rented before, and all my gardening has been confined to pots lining my back porch or balcony. I am BEYOND looking forward to being able to plant into the actual ground. I want flowers, I want veggies, I want herbs, and I want fruit. I want it ALL! I will, for sure, go overboard this Spring, but it is going to be such a beautiful and fun experience that I cannot wait to get started.

My first plan of action is to cut down all the dead vines currently clinging to the fence and plant pretty, climbing flowers. I envision the yard being completely bordered by pretty, scented flowers. I am also thinking of having a combo of raised beds and an in-ground garden. There is a concrete pad in the center of the yard that I think will be the perfect place for a fire pit and seating area. I can already imagine sitting around the fire pit with a glass of wine, laughing with friends.

I know that the yard, like the building, requires way more work than can be done in a single season, but I am so ready to dive in and get my hands dirty! Bring on Spring! Wish me luck.

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