Live Your Dreams in 2023

Last time I posted about New Years and all the goals that accompany the occasion, it was newly 2022 and we were on our way to moving to Smithville. This last year has been full of disappointment, joy, hard work, and accomplishment. It  has been one of the hardest years in my life and the life of my and Andy’s relationship. BUT… we made it through, and we are feeling optimistic about what is to come.

The Top 5 goals of 2022 were:

  1. Get to Smithville
  2. Get Healthy
  3. Get my degree
  4. Find something positive everyday
  5. Continue working hard to make our dreams a reality

We made it to Smithville by the end of January 2022 and I am SO pleased to report that I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing December 2022. We spent the time between January and December devoted to working hard making our dreams a reality. Sad to say that the stress of that got to me and some days I failed to find something positive. I am also still heavier that I want to be, though I have stayed dedicated to bettering my mental health with therapy and have found a love of walking. Each walk around the block reminds me why this move was a good one for us. Simply, I love the town.

We have had so many ups and downs this past year. We cleaned the shop and built the business, but we put our personal comfort on the back burner to do this. This next year will be spent making ourselves and our living situation way more comfortable. The business was prioritized in 2022 and, while it will still hold a high priority, we are spending 2023 working on ourselves.

This in mind, my Top 5 goals of 2023 are:

  1. Find something positive everyday – I have started a positivity journal to help keep me in this mindset
  2. Get healthy – I have given myself the goal to lose 15-20lbs
  3. Potty Train Keira!
  4. Pay off our debt – This one may extend to next year, but the goal is to be completely debt free within 2 years
  5. Work hard to make MY dreams a reality – I love helping my husband with his dreams and I know he loves and appreciates me for it, but this year I want to focus on my writing goals. It’s a high goal but hopefully I will be able to begin 2024 as a published author!

What are your Top 5 goals of 2023? Whatever they are – You got this! – I got this! – WE GOT THIS!

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