The Hot Spot

Regardless of what we do, we usually end up having such a fun evening that I forget I was ever nervous to have company in the first place.

Fourth of July & Cabinets

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, while most people were grilling and hosting outdoor parties, Andy and I were ripping the temporary cabinets and dressers out of our houseboat and installing the new cabinetry.

First Wave of Reno

Like with any house, the demo was both incredibly gross and incredibly fun.

How Do You Carry Your Louis?

I made sure to snap a few pictures just to remind myself not to get so accustomed to everything around me that I forget to see the beauty in it – or the humor.

Why a Houseboat?

I grew up around boats and the water, so he didn’t have to talk too hard to sell me on the idea.