Honeymoon: The Last Day

It’s a reminder to take the blessings as they come and to cherish all the great moments – like standing on the edge of a beautiful, Irish cliff watching the wild waves crash.

Honeymoon: Day 5

It was like the whole of Ireland was welcoming us with sunshine and open arms!

Honeymoon: Day 4

My overall take-away is that the Highlands are glorious, wild, majestic, and breathtaking.

Honeymoon: Day 2

Our plane for Scotland didn’t leave until around 8pm so we had the majority of the day to fill.

Honeymoon: Day 1

So, I’m going to dive into the telling of our journey, one day at a time, and, as promised, I will include photos.


A quick recap: I moved back to Austin, stopped working from home – I now work full time in-office, AND my sweetheart husband and I went on a 10-day long honeymoon to London, Scotland, and Ireland!