The Good in the Bad

We haven’t made light of the fact that things have been going wrong – constantly – since moving to our new town. Flooding, car troubles, delays, and insane, unexpected expenses to get things started. Along with the negative though, we have had a lot of positive. New friends, good food, and major progress.

We had a mouse. For those that know me, you know that this was a huge negative. I do not do well with rodents. I tore the room apart! I killed the mouse (with a humane electric trap) and then I literally took everything out of the room, took it down to the bare floor, to sanitize and seal up any gaps. I confirmed that it was only the one, likely chased into our room by the shop cats that keep the warehouse free of rodents and bugs. It was an anxiety-filled weekend, but my mom came to help, and we ended up having a lovely, though work-filled, visit. Keira delighted in seeing her Gammy and I enjoyed some girl time with my mama.

Gigi and Keira have both been sick. Gigi with symptoms related to her kidney issues and Keira with major teething. Diarrhea, drool, screaming, whining – from the both of them! But… both are beginning to feel better, and Keira’s smile is stunning! She has her first dentist appointment next week and I cannot believe how grown up she is getting. She’s talking, learning, and I can already see her forming into a brilliant, bold, and beautiful little lady.

To perk us all up, we spent the majority of last weekend in the yard. We started our garden and began clearing the fence of all the overgrown vines. We had to start with containers since we aren’t ready to overhaul the entire yard – that will have to wait until next Spring, but we created a cute little seating area and I love it! It’s a little slice of peace in the whirlwind of crazy. Now, if I can only get the ants under control.

Also, to keep up morale, I have been playing in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Cooking relaxes me and, since we must eat, I might as well enjoy it! I participated in a “Chopped Challenge” with work last month and created a meal using the challenge ingredients of habanero and applesauce. The finished product was delicious, and I finally learned how to work the grill! I am going to try my hand at lobster bisque this weekend.

When things get too hectic, we walk over to our neighbor’s restaurant for dinner. They have a chicken fried steak that will knock you on your ass! It feels like we are making friends and finding a place in the community. We still have a ton of work to do, but the overall progress is a huge boost, and I cannot wait for all the summer community events we will surely get to enjoy.

I debated being so candid about all the troubles we have had finding our footing in our newest adventure. It is much easier to only list the positive and omit the negative, but that wouldn’t be accurate or truthful. It has been incredibly difficult, but we are glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are still entirely confident that this will all be worth it. We won’t stop until we make this place our home.

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