“Remember every new beginning is some beginning’s end…

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you got to believe
That right here, right now
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”

– Bon Jovi Welcome to Wherever You Are

The first two weeks back in Beaumont, TX have been anything but boring. Week 1 especially saw some adventure and drama. Since we are so far into the country, we cannot use regular internet and have to, instead, opt for satellite internet. This is not an issue, except that I spent over three hours waiting for the installer to arrive just so he can step out of his vehicle and immediately tell me that he would not be able to complete installation unless we cut down, not one, but two trees. You read that correctly – we were told we would have to cut down two trees in order to receive internet access. We ended up going with a different satellite internet company that did not make such outstanding demands.

Also in Week 1, I woke up and made a delightful cup of coffee, intent on having a more positive attitude. I let Gigi out for a walk and sipped my coffee on the porch, enjoying the charming, country morning. Then, with a spring in my step, I moved to go inside to fetch my phone and noticed that the door to the RV wouldn’t budge. Somehow the door locked itself behind me and I was now trapped outside without my phone… in my pajamas… with my over excited Shih-Tzu running around me. It was like a scene in a ridiculous comedy movie, and all I could do was laugh. With no other choice, I walked almost two miles to Andy’s parent’s home, down railroad tracks, while carrying Gigi. She went deadweight in my arms long before we got there, and we were followed by three dogs at least a third of the way. However, once we arrived, my beautiful mother-in-law drove us back to the RV and unlocked the door with her spare key so I could, with much less pep, finally begin my day.

Week 2 saw my birthday and, though I have to admit, I did spend a good portion of that day feeling sorry for myself and wishing I were back in Austin, my sweetheart surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and took me out for a lovely dinner –  so I ended my birthday on a sweet note.

During Week 2, Andy, at my insistence, left me with several errands and projects, which made my week go by much smoother and feel more purposeful. While running those errands during the week, I also made time to treat myself. I took myself out to lunch one day and to a movie on another day. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy lunch in a restaurant by myself or sitting in a theater alone, but both were completely enjoyable experiences that I would gladly repeat. After all, I didn’t have to share my popcorn at the movie or the table bread at lunch.

I ended Week 2 with a weekend trip to Austin. While there, I visited my coworkers and caught up on all the latest workplace news, I showed the houseboat to a potential buyer (which was a bittersweet experience, but I finally got a photo of the completed couch), and I enjoyed a lovely day of hanging out with my bestie, Jonesy. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and a beautiful closing to what has been an amazing chapter in my life.

When I compare how I felt at the beginning of Week 1 to how I feel now, I am amazed at how much difference two weeks can make. I’m finally feeling optimistic that, as I turn the page, this next chapter will have a few perks and adventures of its own.  Like Bon Jovi said, “you got to believe that right here, right now you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

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