Spring has Sprung

With so much muck and rain lately, I wanted to take a moment to revel in the joys of Spring.

One of my absolute favorite things about Spring is planting my little garden. I freaking love it – and look forward to my plants every single year. Several types of peppers are a must! After I have my peppers, I usually add lavender, mint, basil, and whatever other pretty plants catch my eye around the garden section of Lowes. 

This Spring is no different. As soon as the weather turned pleasant, Keira and I were outside playing in the dirt. This year we went with habanero, jalapeno, Cajun bell peppers, snackable bell peppers, banana peppers, mint, basil, lavender, knock out roses, jasmine, an aloe to replace the one that I lost in the freeze, sun sugar cherry tomatoes, and pickling cucumbers.  

I enjoy the ritual of watering my plants in the evening, but so far this year, it’s been less of a ritual and more of a checking to see if they are getting waterlogged. There has been a ton of rain, but my plants are loving it! I bring Keira out to enjoy the weather and to show her the progress of the plants she “helped” plant. I talk to her and the plants about how they are growing, I show her how to deadhead the roses, and I laugh with her about our cucumbers trying to vine into our roses. I’ve kept them from doing so, so far, but not for their lack of trying. I know she is too young to understand, but this time with her is so special to me. I’m sharing something I love with the person I love most.  

One day I plan to, when we aren’t renting, have a section of the yard dedicated to raised garden beds and in-the-ground planting. Until then, Keira and I are going to enjoy our little back patio covered in pots. And by this time next year, she will be old enough play in the dirt with me – without trying to eat it.  

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